“There are 4 rations fed on every farm: the ration on paper; the ration offered, the ration the animal eats and the ration digested & metbolised” it is our job to formulate these rations & aid in making these transition’s as smooth as possible.

  • Least cost feed ration formulation
  • Commodity sourcing & purchasing advice
  • Feed budgeting
  • Feeding induction plans
  • Intensive feeding programs & design
  • Containment feeding plans
  • Supplementary feeding programs
  • Drought planning
  • Pasture nutrition & budgeting
  • Feeding management & purchasing advice


We understand that each livestock production system is unique and strive to achieve your productivity goals from a whole farm perspective. It is important to recognise the resources and constraints of the environment in which the production system operates.

  • Key event management (i.e. lambing, calving, weaning, lactation, transition)
  • Animal health programs (i.e. vaccine, drench)
  • Grazing management programs (i.e. stocking rate, carrying capacity)
  • Seasonal management
  • Metabolic disease management


We believe in the value of using data to assist in solving problems and identifying opportunities. The ability to test & generate nutritional analysis allows for greater accuracy of the production system.

  • Feed testing and report analysis
  • Water quality testing & analysis
  • Mycotoxin testing


It is important to enhance knowledge and skills in livestock nutrition and production through training and information sessions. The business can also tailor presentations to add value to your industry event.

  • Staff training
  • Feedmill ration formulation
  • Workshop & conference presentation
  • Lifetime Ewe Management Facilitator

We work with you to understand the goals you have set for your herd or flock and partner with you to make those goals a reality


  • Ration balancing & nutrition modelling
  • Milk performance & nutrition review
  • Commodity sourcing & purchasing advice
  • Feed budgeting
  • Feeding management
  • Key event management (i.e. calving, lactation, dry-off, transition)
  • Grazing & seasonal management
  • Metabolic disease management
  • Pasture nutrition & budgeting
  • Calf nutrition programs
  • Heifer nutrition & youngstock management programs
  • Export feeding programs
  • Financial management


  • Feed ration formulation
  • Intensive finishing & containment feed plans
  • Containment design & budgeting
  • Pregnancy & lactation requirements
  • Pre & post weaning management
  • Condition scoring assessment
  • Stocking capacity & grazing management
  • Forage crop management
  • Stud & show nutrition
  • Stud Ram preparation


  • Feed ration formulation
  • Feedlot nutrition & bunk management
  • Weight gain & cost of gain budgeting
  • Commodity sourcing & purchasing advice
  • Export cattle feeding programs
  • Pregnancy & lactation requirements
  • Pre & post weaning management
  • Stud & show nutrition
  • Pastoral grazing management
  • Forage crop management advice


  • Feed ration formulation
  • Dairy nutrition
  • Intensive finishing programs
  • Extensive and rangeland feeding programs

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