Rumenate Livestock Services is committed to helping producers and organisations optimise their Livestock production to achieve profitable outcomes. There are a range of service package options based on the needs of your business. These package options include individual consultation through to customised packages designed to provide you with assistance and advice over a longer period.

Initial visit Consultation

Rumenate Livestock Services wants to understand your business and your specific needs and provides on-farm consultation to provide customised plans and recommendations that meet your goals & aspirations. These one off activities are charged at a per visit rate at a minimum of 2hrs on-farm.

Phone Consultancy

Rumenate Livestock Services understands that a farm visit may not be warranted on every occasion, and some advice and technical solutions can be given via the phone. Phone consultancy is charged at an hourly rate.

Yearly Producer Packages

Rumenate Livestock Services wants to build a strong relationship with your production system and ensure you achieve the desired results over a specified time frame. Customised packages are available to suit your needs based on a specified number of farm visits and phone consultancy over the year.

Business & Commercial Packages

Rumenate Livestock Services can provide staff training and information sessions to enhance knowledge and skills in animal nutrition and production. With a proven background in public speaking the business can also tailor a presentation or seminar to add value to your event. With a strong background in stockfeed, the business also offers commercial packages in feedmill ration formulation.

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